Myles Self Drive Car Rental Service Introduces a New Speed-Violation Policy

‘High Speed’, the word alone is enough to get your adrenaline pumping. The thrill you derive from going at high speeds is unparalleled, whether you’re in a car or on the rollercoaster. However, there might be times when you don’t have a car of your own nor is there a rollercoaster nearby.

Imagine having the privacy and freedom of your car, all the while being affordable and versatile. And that’s just what self drive cars offer to their users.

Setting an example for the industry is Myles’ car rental service who heard its users and put its feet to the pedal. We revised the maximum speed limit from 100 km/hr to 120 km/hr, for all our car rentals, to make sure your journey is as smooth as the highway you’re on.

Myles is India’s first, and leading, self drive service. We provide our car rental services in 250 locations across 21 cities. With the option to choose from over 40 car models, we ensure that you drive the car of your choice without hurting your wallet.

We changed our speed limit policy to make your drive more convenient and comfortable but your well-being is always our primary concern.
Hence, in our efforts to ensure a safer journey for you, we have revised our speed limit violation charges. The new overspeeding charges shall be applicable starting 12th May, 2017 and are as follows –

  1. A penalty of ₹750 for the first violation.
  2. A penalty of ₹1,000 on the second violation. The total penalty for 2 violations will be ₹1,750.
  3. A penalty of ₹1,500 on the third violation taking the total penalty for 3 instances to ₹3,250.
  4. The fourth instance shall be treated as violation of terms and conditions of the agreement following which the rental agreement shall be treated as void. Any usage of the vehicle in such a case shall be treated as unauthorized usage and Carzonrent reserves the right to recover the vehicle.




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