Myles self drive car rental introduces Loss Damage Waiver

After a two hour delay in your flight on a crucial day of an out-station meeting, while exiting the airport rushing through the luggage carousel, the last thing you want is any more delay. While driving in an unfamiliar car and city, it is inevitable to be frustrated by rapidly moving thoughts like what would you do in case of an accident or any other unfortunate event. Surveys state that 25-30% men and 10-15% women have experienced damage to rental cars.

Loss Damage Waiver

Well, we’ve got your back! Myles’ Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is an add-on product available to all customers while booking the car. Myles, India’s leading car rental service with its excellent services spread across 21 cities, at 250 plus locations. With Myles’ 40+ models, you always have a massive range of wheels to choose from, every time you book a car for self drive in addition to benefits like LDW and zero security deposit every time you book a car.

The product provides following coverage in case of an accident, in addition to no security deposit.

  • Fully waived off security deposit
  • Zero damage liability in case of accidental damage
  • Towing/Hydra crane service arrangement by Myles with charges covered under LDW
  • Coverage of Vehicle Registration Certificate at the accident spot
  • Coverage of additional third party property liability
  • Recovery of lost car accessories at the accident spot

Besides, you can choose not to pay the security deposit when you book a car, enjoying the delights of benefits like

  • No more blocked credit cards
  • No more insufficient credit limit to book a car

No more anxiety of security deposit refund


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