Your Next Self Drive Car Booking Just a Few Taps Away!

Gone are the days when young people would save bucket-loads of money for their dream car, all the while living without one. Thanks to the rise of self drive car rental services in India, like Myles, everyone can drive the vehicle he or she can’t afford or dream of.

Myles will provide you your favourite self drive car for hire whenever you want, wherever you want. Present in over 21 cities across 250+ locations, it provides you the option to choose any automobile you wish to drive. You can have anything from a hatchback to a mean-looking SUV, or an economical sedan to a high-end luxury Merc. Moreover, it’s as easy as a few taps on your smartphone.

car-rentls-mylesSo, how to make your next self drive car booking with a smartphone?

Simply download the Myles app, choose your location and the time you need the car, the make of the car, and make the payment. You can also choose to set up a mobile wallet for faster transactions and easy refunds. You can also avail crazy discounts and cash in on offers using coupon codes that are regularly provided on the website.

You can also get your self drive car on rent from any of the Myles outlets in your city.

Simply walk into the store, choose from over 40+ models which are available, deposit the payment and drive away with the vehicle!

With technology moving everything into the screens on the palms of the consumers, self drive car rental sector is not far behind. Don’t ever let the lack of a car stop you from driving one!


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