Using a self drive car for rent to commute to office? Here’s how you can have fun while driving

A lot of young professionals, especially those who are relatively inexperienced, are fulfilling their dreams of owning a vehicle in a clever way: hiring a car for self drive. Yes, that’s true. With the rise of self drive car rental industry in India, led by Myles, the best out of all car rental services in the country, the trend of booking a car on rent for specific occasions, especially commuting to the office, has seen a significant boost.

rent-a-carWhy are people opting for Myles? With more than 40 models of automobiles ranging from hatchbacks to SUVs spread across 250+ locations in 21 cities, and a cheap cost of rental car booking, Myles provides a faultless and efficient service to everyone, that too just from a mobile phone app.

With young people driving to work in a Myles car everyday, the drive becomes monotonous after some time. Here are 6 interesting remedies to turn the drive to the office and back home into a great experience:

  1. Listen to audiobooks of your favourite novels or authors
  2. Listen to podcasts which might be educational, informational or simply entertaining
  3. Record your thoughts from the day and maintain an audio journal
  4. Learn a new language using audio lessons
  5. Improve your memory skills by trying to remember number plates
  6. Sing along to the tunes of your favourite songs using in-car karaoke

People rarely find time these days, especially on weekdays, to devote a portion of their day to having a novel, out of ordinary experience. Daily commute provides office-goers with ample time to de-stress and have an exciting time on the road. Rest assured that these fun activities won’t get in the way of driving with an alert mind.


Celebrate the last days of 2016 with amazing self drive car rental offers

Hello! How has the year 2016 been for you? Don’t tell us you haven’t been on a road trip yet! Well, if that’s the case, we are here to help.


Myles self drive car rental is one of India’s best service for renting a car for self drive. If you don’t own one or if your fed up with the vehicle you have at your disposal, we will be there to fulfill your need for driving a well-maintained car. What’s more, you get to choose from over 40+ models depending upon the occasion or your fancy.

We have self drive car rental in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities, with the total coming out to be 21. With a car on rent present across 250+ locations all over the country, you can access us anytime, anywhere!


If you haven’t guessed it yet, we have amazing offers every month so that you get to pay less and drive more. Enticed enough for a year-end drive? Take a look at our present offers:

  1. First time user? Then get flat Rs.550 off! Code: MYLES550FTUW
  2. Going to spend more than Rs.2000? How about Rs.500 off? Code: MYLES500RW
  3. The bigger you spend, the bigger you earn. Get Rs. 750 off on spends of Rs. 3500. Code: MYLES750RW
  4. A full-fledged trip with the gang, or looking to keep the car for a week? Spend
    6000 and get Rs.1000 off! Code: MYLES1000RW
  5. Just a small date? Get Rs.200 off on spends of Rs.1000! Code: MYLES200RW. This one is applicable only for weekdays (Monday to Thursday).

All coupons are valid till December 20, 2016.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags already!