Why Myles Self Drive Car Rental Is The Best Commute Option For Holidays

Gone are the days when going on a holiday or a vacation meant booking train or flight tickets to the destination. While earlier people were investing their time and money in hopping to a new city and going on guided tours, now they have rediscovered the passion of journeys.

And why not, one may ask? With the availability of self drive cars on rent all over India, and with so many self drive car rental outlets springing up in urban cities, people have realised that the true fun of any vacation lies in the journey.

Myles self drive car rental is one such player in the industry. With a network spread across 250 locations in 21 cities, one can easily get themselves a car to drive. All one has to do is visit the website, outlet or download the app, book a car from 40+ car models, make payment and drive away on a trip to remember.



Coming back to the topic, here is why hiring a self drive car on rent is really the best option for one great road vacation:

  1. It lets you take control. With a vehicle at your disposal, you can decide the when to stop, and when to take a detour. Once you reach your destination, you are not dependant on local transport to explore it.
  2. It frees you of limitations. You can plan your own departure time, your own route, and the amount of luggage to carry. You are also freed of flight and train delays, and travel by road is comparatively much safer.
  3. It is cheaper. You don’t have to shell out huge chunks of money on the tickets.
  4. You can choose your own passengers. Be it your family, relatives, friends, lover or just you- there is no way you are forced to travel with strangers or people whom you don’t like.
  5. You have privacy. It is a direct consequence of you not travelling with hundreds of others, or hailing cabs wherein the driver might be a hindrance in your private moments.
  6. You can enjoy sights along the way. You can take detours and have a lot of fun along the way. It won’t be a simple to and fro from your place to the destination.

Now you know how you will be travelling for that new year vacation, right? Visit mylescars.com to book your drive.



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