6 Statistics Behind The Success Of Myles Self Drive Car Rental


It’s no doubt that Myles self drive car rental is the premier service of its kind in India. With over 40+ models to choose from, you can rent a car based on the occasion and requirement. Also, the presence of the service in 21 cities and 250+ locations across the country caters to a large section of the urban population.

But what are the phenomenal statistics behind the emergence of Myles? Take a look:

  1. According to a Capgemini survey, 59% Indians hoping to buy a car today are open to the idea of an alternative mode of ownership. Reason? They want to lower the financial strain of vehicle ownership, and have flexibility and convenience when it comes to driving.
  2. An average Indian car is used only on 150 days per year, while it sits idle in the garage for the remaining 200. This comes as a shock value along with the fact that an owned vehicle is a depreciating asset. This is what Myles advocates and banks upon when promoting car-sharing.
  3. Myles initially began with just 14 vehicles and 3 cities in November 2013. What’s surprising is that they were sold out for the next one month! This proved the fact that Indians were in need for such a self drive car rental service to emerge.
  4. Myles has grown tremendously over the past 12 months, registering 11X growth out of which 70% is due to new monthly users!
  5.  The number of people engaging with Myles on a monthly basis is growing at 30%. Today, the number of Mylers stands at 1.5 lacs.
  6. 50000 cars in 50 cities distributed over 5000 locations- this is what Myles is aiming for in the next four years. They are also looking to multiply their subscriber base to around 5 lacs in the next five years.

Myles self drive car rental has played a crucial role in disrupting the way people are commuting these days. Every forward-thinking and independent person looking to keep his options open (when it comes to driving) is gorging on self drive services across India.

The future looks bright (and car-ownership free!).




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