4 Reasons Why a Myles Self Drive Car is Your Best Road Companion

More than 500 people every-day ditch car ownership and going for Myles Self-Drive car rental service. Here are 4 reasons why it is your best commute option on the road if you love driving:


  1. You can actually drive an automobile without owning it. Most people have realized that owning a vehicle is a depreciating asset, something that will never pay back in the longer run, which is why it is futile coughing up a chunk of your finances in owning and maintaining one. Myles self drive car rental provides you with the option to book a car as per your choice and pay up only for the time you use it. It can’t get any better when you can actually drive at a starting rate of Rs.60/hour!


  1. Rent a car as per your requirement or occasion. No more fretting about whether all your friends will fit in that little hatchback you own for the road trip. No more wishing if you could drive a Merc to that dream date for just one day. Choose from over 40 models at Myles, right from chunky SUVs to swanky sedans and economical hatchbacks.


  1. Get to drive a new vehicle literally every-day! Yes, it’s possible! The frenetically-paced life in cities has changed the mind-set of people, who not only want new experiences regularly, but also don’t want to be tethered to one thing or possession their entire life. Bragging is on the rise, and everything becomes redundant in the blink of an eye due to rapidly advancing technology. Present in over 21 cities across 250 locations, Myles provides you a well-maintained, full-tanked vehicle for your disposal, and you can literally choose what to drive every-time. It not only makes you stand out, but also turns you into a smart trendsetter.


  1. Grab mouth-watering discounts and offers everyday! Myles believes in giving back to the community who decide to stand out by opting for a self drive car. Not only are you investing right, but are also contributing towards reducing congestion on the road by participating in one of the largest car-sharing networks in India. So, as a reward, you get regular discounts on first bookings, weekday bookings, minimum spends, festive season bookings and outstation trips.



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