Now is the Perfect time to try Myles Self Drive car Rental, and Get Rs.500 Off

There is always a first time for everything.
You might own a car probably, or probably not, and you might have said to yourself that you’ll never be the one to rent a car when you have one at your own disposal. It definitely makes sense.

It is also costing you a lot of money: an enormous amount going down the drain. Why? Because in the present times, when the cost of living has shot up the roof, and everything is becoming more expensive day by day, the cost of owning and maintaining a four-wheeler is staggering and impractical.

Research says that an average Indian automobile is utilized on only 120 days a year. However, you have to pay EMIs, insurance premiums, maintenance and repair costs, service charges, fuel bills, etc. All this while your beloved vehicle sits idle and its value depreciates with time.

Coming back to the question of whether you will book a car which offers you a self-drive option when you already own a vehicle, have you ever thought about day to day occurrences, apart from the financial spends, of course, that might lead you to a Myles self-drive car rental service shop in your city?

What if your automobile:

1. has broken down or gone out for service?
2. is unavailable because someone else had to use it?
3. is driven to office everyday by you, but someone back home urgently needs it?
4. is not sufficient for a long road trip with friends?
There are a million reasons why you should switch to India’s premier self drive car rental service. How about getting Rs.500 off on your first booking as well? All you have to do is download the app and apply coupon code MYLESM500.
With Myles’ presence in 21 cities at 250 locations, and 40+ models to choose from, it is time you drive a new car every-day, and break free of the clutches of automobile ownership!


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