Move over car ownership, Myles Self Drive Car Rental is here

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Do you know that Myles, India’s no.1 self drive car rental firm, conducted a thorough research on vehicle ownership statistics in India, and found out that out of 365 days in a year, a typical family car remains unused on 245 days. That comes to a drastically underwhelming 33% usage per year. Add to that the costs of maintenance, EMIs, insurance, fuel and repairs, and the headache of an underutilized owned four-wheeler gets amplified.

This is where Myles makes a difference by establishing the futuristic trend of owning a variety of cars without having to bear humongous expenses. With more than 38 high end variants of self drive cars for rent available in 21 cities across 250 locations in India, Myles is on the way to reverse the dynamics of the industry.

car rental services - myles


Hiring self drive vehicle in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. has become quite the rage over recent years. The generations today understand deeply that the merits of this service are far too many, and in sync with the times.

It’s time to drive the future.

Book a car at your affordable price in Delhi  and enjoy your tour to take my service and go anywhere you like most and this car provider provides different type of model  so you can book them for more info at my site


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