Monsoon, best season for Road Trips with your best buddies

Besides being vital for crops, rain also brings many childhood memories with it. The first rain of monsoon sends us back in our childhood, how we used to play and dance in the rain, sail paper boats or simply sit by the window watching and trying to catch the falling raindrops in our small palms. Apart from feeling the rainwater droplets on your palm, you can literally smell the first rains. When the first water droplets quench the thirsty earth, a unique sweet smell emanates from the soil known as the petrichor.

Myles Car has brought a once in a lifetime offer to re-live your childhood with your best friends. Plan today, grab your best buddies and set off on a road trip that will bring to life all your memories.
Starting from the end of July, monsoon or rainy season is considered as not a very favorable season for traveling by many people. However, if you want to behold the inexplicable beauty of nature, monsoon is the best season. The charm, lush and romantic ambiance of monsoon attracts a number of nature lovers and travelers.

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Empty roads, clouds above and downpour, a beautiful situation to embark on a journey with your friends, we all have planned such trips many times but seldom could we execute.  Here is an opportunity to make this dream come true with Myles Car best car rental services where you can choose from a wide range of well-maintained excellent cars for your trip in affordable price. You can choose a car according to you and your friend’s need.

With Myles Car Self Car Rental Services, go anywhere on a trip with your friends and recreate your college life moments. A friend in Myles Car trip is a friend indeed, this is the time to organize a special reunion, gather all your friends and grab a Myles Car and set off on a journey that will send you back in your college time and gift your friends a trip that they will never forget.

Pack your bags, rent a car from Myles Car as per your choice and hit the road. Set off on the trip of dreams this monsoon.


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