10 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Driving in the Rain

Driving can be difficult in rainy season. It gets difficult to see when the raindrops fall on your windshield and it gets even more difficult to control since the tires start to skid on the road. Myles Car has brought to you five best safety tips when driving in the rain:

Turn Your Headlights On: During rain, everyone is affected by poor visibility and the streaks may block your sight. Apart from making sure that the wipers are working properly, it is a smart decision to turn your headlights on. This will not only improve your visibility but also make your presence more visible on the road and the oncoming vehicles and pedestrians who happen to be crossing the road will be able to spot you clearly.

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Slow Down: Driving fast on wet asphalt is very dangerous because of the skidding of tires. Reduce your speed and drive cautiously so that even if you encounter any unfavorable situation, you could easily handle it.

Avoid Skidding: Hydroplaning or Skidding usually occurs during rainy season while driving because of the wet asphalt, however, one should avoid skidding by avoiding any sudden movements and sharp steering as it increases the chances of skidding.

Take the Safest Root: One should avoid the routes with deep potholes of water or where water is flowing vigorously and seek a safer root.

Maintain Distance from Other Vehicles: Even if you are driving carefully, the vehicles driving behind you or ahead of you may skid and lose control, one must keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that if such conditions arise he/she will have time to apply brakes and stay away from the uncontrolled vehicle.

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Keep Your Eye on the Road: Even a slight distraction can lead to an unfortunate incident, always keep your eyes on the road and be watchful about the other vehicles as well as pedestrians especially animals and kids.

Don’t Apply Brakes while Your Rear Wheels Skid: Our instincts make us apply brakes as soon as the car starts to skid, however, one should stay calm and should not apply the brakes hard when the rear wheels start to skid, it makes the car more uncontrollable. Just ease off the accelerator and steer the direction your car is sliding to straighten up.

Avoid Splashing Pedestrians: Slow down when you see a puddle and see if there is any cyclist or pedestrian around it and drive carefully, avoiding splashing mud on pedestrians and cyclists.

Stopping at a Safe Place: Never stop on the road or under flyover during rain as it is difficult to see. If not an accident, this may even lead to a traffic jam so always stop away from the road.

Driving Through Water: Never attempt to drive through a pothole or puddle if you don’t know how deep it is. If you can’t see the ground, avoid that way and take a safer root. Avoid entering flood affected area and do not try to pass through if the water if higher than the bottom of the car door.

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