10 Ideas to Make Your Road Trip Perfect

Indian road trips can become a lot more fun if you add some simple things in your trip. Heed the advice, grab some buddies and set off on the best road trip of your life

  1. Make A Plan: Like most of the trippers, if you’ve got a time limit, it is smart to plot out the places you will be moving to prior to starting the trip. Before setting off plan everything, get a sound knowledge about the places where you are tripping to, the available restaurants and gas stations so that you never run out of essential stuffs.
  1. Pack up Healthy Snacks: Very often trippers let their health and fitness goals go out of the window while on a road trip, and prefer eating at restaurants and fast food centers. In order to restrain this and save some money as well, make sure that you car is full of healthy and tasty snacks. Go beyond the ordinary sandwiches, noodles, and pasta. Fresh cookies, muffins, snickers are few smart choices.

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  1. Pack Light: You are surely going to find something that will attract you in the city you are tripping to. So pack light so that there is room left in your luggage bag to collect stuffs from there.
  1. Ask locals: From best places to visit, to best restaurants, locals know it the best. A local can lead you to a tastier and cheaper restaurant than any website or guidebook could ever suggest.
  1. Limit Phone Use: If you really want to indulge in the road trip perfectly, limit using your phone, stop checking emails and newsfeed, you will be doing the same after coming back. Be in that moment and enjoy. Road trips are all about being abandoned and free on the open road.
  1. Do Not Rush: In order to enjoy every location, you should not start rushing. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy every place as much as you want. Even if you miss some locations at the end of the day, keep it in your next-visit list.
  1. Take Pictures: Now this one is what we all love doing, but instead of only selfies and Instagram pictures, capture some beautiful sceneries and eye pleasing views that you are going to miss once you come back.

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  2. Make New Friends: Chat up with the people you meet during your trip and ask them about the place. Since they know it the best, they will lead you to the best activities once you break the ice. It also helps you get familiar with the place.
  1. Add Music: Playing music and singing along with your trip mates in never going to be an old trend. Surely there is going to be a plenty of time for tunes, so make sure you’ve downloaded the songs that will make your trip more exciting and created a playlist for your trip.
  1. Car: The most important part of any road trip is what kind of car you need to depend on for you trip. Some people would find XUV more comfortable and some would love to show off a luxurious convertible car. Choose from a range of comfortable as well as lavish cars provided by Myles Car, according to your need and desire and enjoy an unforgettable road trip.

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