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Do you know that Myles, India’s no.1 self drive car rental firm, conducted a thorough research on vehicle ownership statistics in India, and found out that out of 365 days in a year, a typical family car remains unused on 245 days. That comes to a drastically underwhelming 33% usage per year. Add to that the costs of maintenance, EMIs, insurance, fuel and repairs, and the headache of an underutilized owned four-wheeler gets amplified.

This is where Myles makes a difference by establishing the futuristic trend of owning a variety of cars without having to bear humongous expenses. With more than 38 high end variants of self drive cars for rent available in 21 cities across 250 locations in India, Myles is on the way to reverse the dynamics of the industry.

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Hiring self drive vehicle in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. has become quite the rage over recent years. The generations today understand deeply that the merits of this service are far too many, and in sync with the times.

It’s time to drive the future.

Book a car at your affordable price in Delhi  and enjoy your tour to take my service and go anywhere you like most and this car provider provides different type of model  so you can book them for more info at my site


Monsoon, best season for Road Trips with your best buddies

Besides being vital for crops, rain also brings many childhood memories with it. The first rain of monsoon sends us back in our childhood, how we used to play and dance in the rain, sail paper boats or simply sit by the window watching and trying to catch the falling raindrops in our small palms. Apart from feeling the rainwater droplets on your palm, you can literally smell the first rains. When the first water droplets quench the thirsty earth, a unique sweet smell emanates from the soil known as the petrichor.

Myles Car has brought a once in a lifetime offer to re-live your childhood with your best friends. Plan today, grab your best buddies and set off on a road trip that will bring to life all your memories.
Starting from the end of July, monsoon or rainy season is considered as not a very favorable season for traveling by many people. However, if you want to behold the inexplicable beauty of nature, monsoon is the best season. The charm, lush and romantic ambiance of monsoon attracts a number of nature lovers and travelers.

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Empty roads, clouds above and downpour, a beautiful situation to embark on a journey with your friends, we all have planned such trips many times but seldom could we execute.  Here is an opportunity to make this dream come true with Myles Car best car rental services where you can choose from a wide range of well-maintained excellent cars for your trip in affordable price. You can choose a car according to you and your friend’s need.

With Myles Car Self Car Rental Services, go anywhere on a trip with your friends and recreate your college life moments. A friend in Myles Car trip is a friend indeed, this is the time to organize a special reunion, gather all your friends and grab a Myles Car and set off on a journey that will send you back in your college time and gift your friends a trip that they will never forget.

Pack your bags, rent a car from Myles Car as per your choice and hit the road. Set off on the trip of dreams this monsoon.

10 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Driving in the Rain

Driving can be difficult in rainy season. It gets difficult to see when the raindrops fall on your windshield and it gets even more difficult to control since the tires start to skid on the road. Myles Car has brought to you five best safety tips when driving in the rain:

Turn Your Headlights On: During rain, everyone is affected by poor visibility and the streaks may block your sight. Apart from making sure that the wipers are working properly, it is a smart decision to turn your headlights on. This will not only improve your visibility but also make your presence more visible on the road and the oncoming vehicles and pedestrians who happen to be crossing the road will be able to spot you clearly.

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Slow Down: Driving fast on wet asphalt is very dangerous because of the skidding of tires. Reduce your speed and drive cautiously so that even if you encounter any unfavorable situation, you could easily handle it.

Avoid Skidding: Hydroplaning or Skidding usually occurs during rainy season while driving because of the wet asphalt, however, one should avoid skidding by avoiding any sudden movements and sharp steering as it increases the chances of skidding.

Take the Safest Root: One should avoid the routes with deep potholes of water or where water is flowing vigorously and seek a safer root.

Maintain Distance from Other Vehicles: Even if you are driving carefully, the vehicles driving behind you or ahead of you may skid and lose control, one must keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that if such conditions arise he/she will have time to apply brakes and stay away from the uncontrolled vehicle.

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Keep Your Eye on the Road: Even a slight distraction can lead to an unfortunate incident, always keep your eyes on the road and be watchful about the other vehicles as well as pedestrians especially animals and kids.

Don’t Apply Brakes while Your Rear Wheels Skid: Our instincts make us apply brakes as soon as the car starts to skid, however, one should stay calm and should not apply the brakes hard when the rear wheels start to skid, it makes the car more uncontrollable. Just ease off the accelerator and steer the direction your car is sliding to straighten up.

Avoid Splashing Pedestrians: Slow down when you see a puddle and see if there is any cyclist or pedestrian around it and drive carefully, avoiding splashing mud on pedestrians and cyclists.

Stopping at a Safe Place: Never stop on the road or under flyover during rain as it is difficult to see. If not an accident, this may even lead to a traffic jam so always stop away from the road.

Driving Through Water: Never attempt to drive through a pothole or puddle if you don’t know how deep it is. If you can’t see the ground, avoid that way and take a safer root. Avoid entering flood affected area and do not try to pass through if the water if higher than the bottom of the car door.

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10 Jaw-Dropping Monsoon Destinations in India that will make you go crazy with wanderlust

Experience the beauty of monsoon with Myles Car. Myles Car has brought to you a list of 20 incredibly beautiful places in India that you must visit during monsoon:

  1. Goa: Because of being a party destination, Goa expects a great crowd at the end of the year. However, Goa is a paradise during the monsoon because of its natural richness. Trekking at Dudhsagar falls, visiting the Aguada Fort are some of the must-do activities during monsoon in Goa.

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  1. Lonavala: In Maharashtra, Lonavala is one breathtaking location to visit during Monsoon. The Sahyadri mountain ranges and the ghats revitalize with greenery as the monsoon strikes. Alluring waterfalls and pleasant climate makes Lonavala more special during Monsoon.

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  1. Munar: A paradise in the South India, Munar takes pride in undulating hills and emerald-green tea plantation. Munar is a feast for the eyes, enchanting greenery spread all across the region spreading out to the horizon. After the rain, it becomes spellbinding and you get a feeling that you want to stay here forever. The smell of the wet soil along with the smell of tea leaves occupies the ambiance and makes Munar special. A visit to the Anamudi to spot some exquisite wildlife and the Attukal waterfalls are some of the must-not-miss experiences.
  1. Ladakh: The cold desert of India is surely a must-visit place for travelers who seek a treat of adventure during the monsoon. Its mighty mountains and snow-clad mountain passes offer a magical experience to the visitors. When most of the hill stations get closed, Ladakh happens to be the best hill station to visit during monsoon. Along with some breathtaking natural views of lakes with crystal clear water and mountains covered with snow, Ladakh festival celebrations and pristine Changla pass makes it one of the best jaw-dropping location to visit in the monsoon.
  1. Darjeeling: A famous hill station in West Bengal is the perfect monsoon getaway. Well known for its tea industry along with The Queen of the Hills, a famous tourist destination which is situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas, Darjeeling offers a lot more to its visitors. The Rangeet Valley passenger cable car, Darjeeling Monastery is some of the fascinating places top explore in Darjeeling during monsoon.

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  1. Ranikhet, Uttarakhand: Ranikhet in Uttarakhand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monsoon destinations. It offers a panorama of natural beauty surrounded by hills. The lush green forests, pleasant climates and a majestic view of the great Himalayan ranges make it even more stunning. Valley of flowers, endangered animals including the Asiatic bear, the snow leopard and birds add attraction to this beautiful valley.
  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu: Well known as the ‘Princess of Hill Station’, is one of the most fascinating and beautiful monsoon destinations in India. Situated in the Palani hills of the Western Ghat, it offers spectacular views of waterfalls, lakes, lush greenery and enchanting view of the ghats and hills. The Kodal Lake is a man-made lake surrounded by rocks and trees is a famous attraction of Kodaikanal along with Berijam Lake and the heavenly views of Palani hills.
  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: A cluster of 570 islands famous for exotic wildlife, thrilling water sports, beaches, mountains and enchanting natural beauty will make you fall in love with this place. Learn about the historic Cellular Jail at Port Blair and enjoy Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and many other fascinating water sports.
  1. Coorg, Karnataka: Famous for its dense forest, Coorg in Karnataka is a biodiversity hotspot exhibiting a wide variety of flora and fauna. Explore the real wildlife at Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and visit the second highest waterfalls in India, the Jog falls.

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  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan: Famous for its glorious past of Rajas and Maharajas, Udaipur in Rajasthan is an attractive Monsoon destination. Visit the grand palaces including City Palace, Lake Palace and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Fateh Sagar Lake.

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10 Ideas to Make Your Road Trip Perfect

Indian road trips can become a lot more fun if you add some simple things in your trip. Heed the advice, grab some buddies and set off on the best road trip of your life

  1. Make A Plan: Like most of the trippers, if you’ve got a time limit, it is smart to plot out the places you will be moving to prior to starting the trip. Before setting off plan everything, get a sound knowledge about the places where you are tripping to, the available restaurants and gas stations so that you never run out of essential stuffs.
  1. Pack up Healthy Snacks: Very often trippers let their health and fitness goals go out of the window while on a road trip, and prefer eating at restaurants and fast food centers. In order to restrain this and save some money as well, make sure that you car is full of healthy and tasty snacks. Go beyond the ordinary sandwiches, noodles, and pasta. Fresh cookies, muffins, snickers are few smart choices.

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  1. Pack Light: You are surely going to find something that will attract you in the city you are tripping to. So pack light so that there is room left in your luggage bag to collect stuffs from there.
  1. Ask locals: From best places to visit, to best restaurants, locals know it the best. A local can lead you to a tastier and cheaper restaurant than any website or guidebook could ever suggest.
  1. Limit Phone Use: If you really want to indulge in the road trip perfectly, limit using your phone, stop checking emails and newsfeed, you will be doing the same after coming back. Be in that moment and enjoy. Road trips are all about being abandoned and free on the open road.
  1. Do Not Rush: In order to enjoy every location, you should not start rushing. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy every place as much as you want. Even if you miss some locations at the end of the day, keep it in your next-visit list.
  1. Take Pictures: Now this one is what we all love doing, but instead of only selfies and Instagram pictures, capture some beautiful sceneries and eye pleasing views that you are going to miss once you come back.

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  2. Make New Friends: Chat up with the people you meet during your trip and ask them about the place. Since they know it the best, they will lead you to the best activities once you break the ice. It also helps you get familiar with the place.
  1. Add Music: Playing music and singing along with your trip mates in never going to be an old trend. Surely there is going to be a plenty of time for tunes, so make sure you’ve downloaded the songs that will make your trip more exciting and created a playlist for your trip.
  1. Car: The most important part of any road trip is what kind of car you need to depend on for you trip. Some people would find XUV more comfortable and some would love to show off a luxurious convertible car. Choose from a range of comfortable as well as lavish cars provided by Myles Car, according to your need and desire and enjoy an unforgettable road trip.