5 Tips You Must Not Avoid When Driving In Rainy Season

Driving can be a very tough job during a heavy rainfall and one must heed all the safety precautions before handling the steering. Myles Car has brought to you five essential tips you must keep in your mind while driving in rainy season to make your journey easier and safer:

  1. Check Your Wipers And Your Tires Before Starting: Not only before driving in rainfall but in every six months you should be checking your wipers if they are working properly or not, you never know when the downpour strikes and you have to use it. Often during summer the scorching sun warms it that can damage it, so checking their conditions before rainy season is essential.Tires also get damaged and their grip wears away causing it to skid on the road, one must take care of it in the rainy season.

    blog 5 image 1

  1. Driving Through Water: If the water is deeper than the bottom of your doors or the bottom third of your wheels, it is not a smart decision to attempt to drive through it. If the water is flowing vigorously, one must not try to drive through it and seek a different route rather than risking life and the car’s electronic system.

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  1. Slow Down and Keep Distance: Rain brings slippery road conditions, when you apply brakes, the car starts to skid on the wet asphalt and the driver loses control over it which leads to accidents. Slow down and make sure that you have a full control over the car and keep a safe distance from other vehicles so as if they lose control, you could easily apply brakes and stay safe. Apart from this, one should also avoid sudden movements and sharp steering as it increases the chances of skidding.blog 5 image 3
  2. Demist You Front And Back Windscreens: This may be a simple step but is very effective in increasing the visibility and can ensure the best vision possible when driving in the rainfall.
  1. How to Control Skidding: Hydroplaning or Skidding is the biggest problem a driver faces during rain. No matter how careful you are, your car is likely to skid because of the wet asphalt. One must remain calm and follow these instructions:
  • If the front wheel skid:
  1. Ease off the accelerator and apply brakes
  2. Stop moving the steering
  • If the rear wheels start to skid:
  1. Ease off the accelerator and slow down
  2. Look straight ahead at the road
  • Do not apply brakes (even though your instincts will automatically make you kick the in and apply brake)
  1. Steer the direction your car is sliding to straighten up
  2. Be careful while approaching a bend.



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