Road trips, Rains and Smiles Drive Yourself

People usually avoid traveling during the monsoon or rainy season. But the heavy rainfall has its own charm for travelers who cannot say no to a thrilling road trip. Monsoon, besides being vital for crops, it offers a soothing experience for travelers.

Tourists usually empty out during the scorching summers, summers are usually very hot but to the contrary, the monsoon is a pleasant treat of cold breezes and gentle drizzling. This is the time you get set for adding an unforgettable experience to your life, a fascinating road trip.

India during the monsoon between June and September transforms into a whole different place, the rain revives the earth, flowers start to bloom, trees start sprouting and growing new leaves, the pleasant petrichor fills the ambiance.

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Apart from bringing down the harsh temperature and reviving the nature, monsoon also lowers the travel cost for travelers, turning India into an attractive off-season destination.

After months of high temperature and hot winds from the Indian Ocean blowing across the country, making sweltering conditions, people get lethargic and lifeless in the harsh summer. They can’t wait for the clouds to gather for the downpours.

When the monsoon finally arrives in India, it is a grand spectacle. It is marked by a prodigious wind along with the clouds roll rapidly across the sky covering the earth.

Then the most expectant moment comes, storm bursts drenching people in the rainwater of the much-awaited monsoon. You could easily spot people, especially kids dancing on the streets with their faces towards the sky and outstretched imitating some Bollywood rain song.

Gear up, Pack your bags and set off on a road trip and write another indelible chapter in the diary of your journeys. Behold the beauty of nature, the trees swaying to the tune of breeze, scorching sun hidden somewhere behind the dark clouds that downpours life on earth, the grand panorama of revival of mother nature after a long summer and feel the chill of the cold weather and the inexplicable happiness that marks the beginning of another new season Kids enjoy rains the most, playing in rain, sailing paper boats are very common memories we all possess. Unleash the child in you and re-live those awesome moments, re-live your childhood with a Road Trip with Myles Car.

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Set off on a journey to explore some far-flung obscure destination with Myles Car and embrace the monsoon in a whole different way. Let your travel instincts be your guide and our Myles Car be your carrier and start your wonderful road trip.




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