Special offer by Myles Car in the month of Ramadan: Iftar Party in the Month of Ramadan

Special offer by Myles Car in the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is an important month for the Muslims across the world. Prayer, fasting, and charity become the focus of their everyday lives for an entire month.

What is Ramadan?

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It is the ninth month of Islam’s lunar calendar. The month is the one in which the Qur’an was first revealed making it the holiest and most sacred month for Muslims.

During this period Muslims fast every day from sunrise to sunset.  This is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims abstain from food and drink & it is the time of deep contemplation and prayer to Allah. They also show charitable generosity as well. All Muslims actively take part in Ramadan.

A typical day during Ramadan:

During this day Muslims wake up before the sun rises, at around 4am, & they will eat and drink to prepare for the day ahead. After the sun is up, there will be no more meals, drinking, smoking, or any sexual activity until sundown. It is also known as iftar.

Iftar begins by consuming dates and sweet, milky drinks. It helps in gaining the much-needed energy boost.  People go for dinners typically after 9pm.

Throughout this month, Muslims fast for around 17 hours a day, or around 530 hours throughout the entire month.

What’s the purpose of Ramadan?

The main purpose of the festival is to remind the suffering of the poor in less fortunate parts of the world. Fasting is also helps in exercising self-control.

 When does the month end and how is it marked?

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The month ends with Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. Muslims come together to be with their families, exchange gifts & sweets. They also give charity and provide gifts as well.

Myles makes your celebrations special:

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Myles is India’s first self-drive car company. We can make special arrangements for the travel to   various eating joints across the city. You can go on wonderful food trip with your family in any of our sedans.

You can choose from a wide range of car models, in-fact we have more than 38 models of cars at your service. We cordially invite you to visit our website http://www.mylescars.com for complete details and give us an opportunity to serve you.



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