Be A Smart Businessman Let Myles Drive Your Business!

Globalized Businesses:

In this age of technology the traditional business has come of age. They are now more connected than ever and their clients are located across the globe. This globalization has changed almost everything, the clientele, the way of doing business and most importantly the way people do it.

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A global business is more focused on its core activities so they avail our services for transportation.  Myles is different. We are India’s first self drive car rental company.

So how do we enhance your business?

Many Models to Suit the Occasion:

We have more than 38 models of cars to choose from. Based on your specific requirements you can choose the one you like the most.

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We can manage the requirement of any scale:

Our fleet is spread across 21-locations in the country. You can pick-up Myles car from one of the neighborhood city.

Many Pickup Locations:

There are some 250 locations from where you can get one car. It means if you want to go on a business trip you can easily get a Myles car.

Your clients enjoy the freedom:

Your clients get the required freedom to travel on their own and stop whenever they wanted so with you can mix business with pleasure. We keep all or vehicles always serviced. We have dedicated service centers and team to take care of all the servicing needs of our vehicles.

Myles Cars Are Easy To Get:

We make special consideration for business houses. You can get in touch with us and we’ll make special consideration for you.

Great Services at Greater Prices:

We are offering our services at highly competitive prices. The self-drive car rentals come on a per day basis. If you are looking for a self-drive car on rent Myles is the best place.

We cordially invite you to visit for complete details and give us an opportunity to make your trips even more joyful.


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