A Few Tips to Drive Safely From Myles!

Myles is India’s first self drive car rental company. With a self drive car rental company you have the required freedom to drive wherever you want. If you are planning a trip outside we have some suggestions for you.

  1. It’s good to tail a vehicle while driving in night:

If you want a safe driving in night it is good to tail. If you are driving in night and have another vehicle moving in the same direction, with a similar speed, then tailing it with some safe distance is very safe. If there are any obstacles such as speed breakers or traffic which is coming from the front will be intercepted by that vehicle. As your vehicle is rear so by observing the tail lamp you can remain safe. In absence of a pilot you have to remain extra careful.

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  1. Understand the Route Completely

While travelling in night it is important to understand the map and important diversions. If it not done chances are that you may end up getting confused.

  1. A navigator is must:

While driving in night it is important to have a navigator. If one person gets tired the other person must immediately take the responsibility.

  1. Just lower the beam even if the other driver doesn’t.

It is very important to negotiate the beam. Just lower yours for all the vehicles which are coming from the front.

  1. Be careful about the road ahead.

Many a times the beam ahead blinds the driver, so it is important to have the details of the road ahead in the memory.

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  1. Pay attention to your body’s indication.

At any point in time if you feel that you are seeing the reduced concentration levels or your eyes are struggling to remain open or you are feeling the pain in the legs or your eyes struggling to stay open, paining legs etc. You need to stop the car and take rest until you recover completely.

  1. Drive manually especially in night

Manual driving is considered as the best form of driving in the night. Automatic transmission tends to weaken your control on the vehicle and may end up giving lot many troubles.

  1. Don’t Drink & Drive

One of the most basic rules of driving is that you don’t have to drink and drive. This is a dangerous combination and may be lethal.

  1. You must have windows slightly rolled down:

When you travel with windows slightly down you will stay alert. It will keep you more attentive to horns and other sounds outside.

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  1. Making sense of headlights ahead.

It is the most important that you understand the headlight pattern well. A single light doesn’t mean it is a two wheeler. It might be a monster truck with one light not working. The patterns of headlights can also tell you if the road is turning left or right.

  1. Good Vehicle Condition Ensures Safety.

It is very important to understand that only the good vehicle condition can save you from any mishaps.

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