5 Reasons why you should Book Self Drive Car this Festive Season



Self-drive Car Rental

Exorbitantly priced bus fares: During festive seasons the bus agencies create an artificial shortage and charge a hefty sum to take you to the desired place. For example, if one way ticket to your desired place is costing INR 500 normally, but due to jacking of the prices, the same journey will can cost three times or four times more. If you are planning a two-way trip it may cost even more.

In the same price you can drive away a self–drive car to the desired location.  Further you get the freedom to move along with your friends and family. You can stop en-route as many times as you wanted. Further you may not have to hire another taxi to reach your home.

Exhausted Drivers:


Hire a Car in India

The regular taxi drivers, bus drivers work for longer hours & extra shifts and they may get tired. When they rest for less duration, they get over-stressed which may leads to accidents and may cause other severe undesired challenges. You’re better off driving yourself.

Non Availability of Train Tickets:All the train tickets for all major destinations are already sold out. Consider yourself lucky even if you get a waitlisted ticket. Even the Tatkal tickets which are booked 24 hrs prior to the journey are difficult to come by.

Flexibility: Bus & train bookings are completely personal which means one has to specify exact passenger names, with journey’s destinations planned as well. An change in plan can cost your dearly. Go for self-drive car when you are not sure who will come along on the trip or where exactly to visit or when exactly you can start the trip. Myles self-drive car gives the required freedom to change your travel plans as and when wanted.

Overcome The Challenge Of Traffic:With a self-drive car, you are virtually the car owner and you can choose the shortest path possible to the desired destination.

Enjoy With Myles Self Drive Cars:

Myles is India’s first self drive car company. You can get a Myles self drive car for next trip whether you are going on a vacation trip, business trip or smaller trips.  You can enjoy traveling to any place whether it is a natural park or a monsoon trip.


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We cordially invite you to visit our website www.mylescars.com for complete details and give us an opportunity to make you journey’s the most memorable one.


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