India’s Best Self Drive Car Rental Company!

Myles is a pioneer in self-drive cars. When one looks for a self drive car we are a leader in the domain. Myles is India’s first self driving car rental company. When we started this company the market was dominated by traditional car rental companies & we created a market space for ourselves when we started this company.


We have a car for every trip:

Being in this industry for past many years, we understand that no two trips are the same. When you travel to different point of interest, you may want to go for different places may be with your family. In such a situation you may need a tough vehicle which can go well on highways.

SUVs are big enough to accommodate a family and they can even bear the toughness of the highways as well.  They fulfill all the requirements very well. We have all the leading brands of SUVs available with us. You can certainly choose from amongst various models.


Are you planning a trip to location nearby?

You can choose from various sedans. They are meant for far smaller trips & are comfortable and spacious as well. When you are going on a business trip you may have a special requirement of corporate looking cars and in our pool of cars you can readily find many.

Your safety is our primary concern:

All our cars are equipped with many safety equipment.   All our vehicles are serviced regularly so that you always get vehicles in the best condition.

Do you want to book a Myles Car?


All those who are above 23yrs of age and have a valid driving license, have a credit card with standing Instructions for security deposits and an identity proof can get a Myles Car.

The other formalities which need to be completed are a short agreement which needs to be signed. If you want to be represented by someone else you can do that as well.

Finally is it heavy on the pocket to book a Myles Car?

We offer the best in class services and ensure that it fits your budget well. You can expect per/day Pricing, for the vehicles you choose. You can make the payments easily or with your card as well. Please visit our website www.


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