Self Drive Vs chauffeur Driven Rental Cars

The Indian economy is booming. The young generation is getting rich faster than ever. They are now going out with their families more frequently.

This has lead to significant rise in the demand of rented cars. There are many car-rental companies in the country. They fall in broadly two categories:

There are many car rental companies in India. Most of them are providing vehicles with a driver. No matter where you take the car to they will be accompanied by the drivers.

Moreover this is very comfortable as they don’t have to do any-thing just enjoy the ride. Quite opposite to this self drive cars don’t have a driver in the car. The one who is renting it will drive it as it the very purpose of existence of the companies.



With chauffeur driven cars you can always be rest assured of the comfort of back-seat. You don’t have to worry about driving; you don’t have to tense about traffic situations. If you like it then you should go for chauffeur drive cars.

The idea behind Self Drive cars is altogether different. They are meant to give you more freedom. Young couples these days want freedom and when it comes to vacation trips. This is where our self drive cars are most useful. You can just steer them anywhere you want and can have the luxury of privacy and freedom on the way.

Many Choices:


With traditional car companies your choices may be limited. As all the cars are driven by professional drivers so they have fewer choices available with them.

The purpose of self drive cars is to give customers more freedom so they maintain many models of cars.

Ease of Booking:


You can easily book chauffeur driven rented cars. In self drive car you’re the driver so documentation like valid driving license, id-proof, etc. may be required.

We cordially invite you to visit our website for complete details and give us an opportunity to serve you.



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