Go on a Dream Ride With Myles Self Driven Car!

We are Myles. We are the India’s first self-driven car company. No matter whether you are going for a vacation trip or you are planning a business trip you are always in control with Myles self-drive cars.

With Myles, You Drive a Car which is best!

We understand the travel demands of itineraries better than you. We have more than 38 models of cars available for you.

Long trips often demand robust vehicles that can run well on the highways without breaking down. SUVs are the preferred choice for such trips. Our latest models are awaiting you.

On short trips, you may prefer vehicles which bring more comfort. Myles has experienced professionals to help you find the most suitable cars for your next trip.

If you have any specific requirements of a car for you next self-drive trip, we can meet it as well. We have many vehicles for the city travel.

We Care For Your Safety!

All Myles cars are regularly serviced. We have dedicated service centers which take care of our cars regularly. This ensures that when you are driving any of our self-drive cars it is in the best condition to drive around safely.

All our vehicles have a proper safety mechanism in place which ensures that you have first aid in place in case of any incidence.


How to Pick-Up A Myles Car?

We have our fleet present in more than 21 cities across the country. You can hire car/pick up one from more than 250+ locations.  This means you can get one from your neighborhood city or a play nearby.

What are the rules to get one?

Everyone who is 23yrs and above has a valid driving license, id-proof & a credit card would be required. Please carry the originals and your credit card must have sufficient balance for standing instructions. You may have to submit a copy of each as well.  You will have to submit a short agreement as well before becoming up the car.

Finally how much do I have to shell out for getting one Myles Car?

Our self-drive car rentals are usually soft on the pocket. Our cars are available on a daily basis so you drive away with these self-drive cars without much hassle.

We cordially invite you to visit our website www.mylescars.com for complete details & give us an opportunity to serve you.


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