Take Control of Your Trip, Get A Self Driven Car!

Are you looking for a car on hire? Go with Myles!

A Car Model for Every Need:

We have many models of cars available with us. In fact, you can choose over 38 models depending on the nature of your trip. Hire a car was never so easy. Read On!

Long trips demand robust vehicles. There are many SUVs available with us you can choose the diesel ones or other ones which you like the most. For holidays & vacation trips you may consider more comfortable vehicles, we have many sedans which you can opt from. Just cruise on the highways & enjoy your trip to the fullest. For trips within city, we have many small car models for to take you around the city quickly.


Servicing & Safety:

Well, no matter how good a car if it is not kept fit it won’t give a dream ride. We have dedicated servicing stations to keep all our vehicles in the best conditions so that you get the most comfortable ride. We have the best safety mechanism available to make sure that you’ll get the most secure ride.

Find a Myles Car In The Neighborhood:

We are present in more than 21-cities so you can find one in your neighborhood. This shows our dedication to the customers.

Many locations to pick the one from:

Our car rental services are available in many locations. You can drive a Myles car from 250+ locations. This shows how seriously we take our business. Our customer orientations & quality of services is reflected by this fact.

So How Do You Get The Desired Myles Car?

If you are above 23 years of age & have a credit card, driving license, valid id proof you can drive away with desired Myles Car.  We do require security deposits & a small agreement to be signed as well. We provide budget car rental keeping your pocket in mind.

There are many policies, rules & regulation which need to be followed. For further details kindly get visit our website www.mylescars.com for complete details & give us an opportunity to make your trip a memorable one.


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