10 Cool Tips to Chill out this Summer while Traveling!

In May summer is at its peak. Families are on prowl to find cool havens to chill out. Indian summer sees mercury level reaching new heights. In fact, they bring the right opportunity to travel & cool one’s nerves. Try some of these tips from experienced travelers:

1. Keep Hydration Level High: This means drink more water. And what to avoid? As soda, alcoholic beverages & caffeine products cause dehydration, so avoid them!


2. Sunscreen is A Savior:
It hardly matters whether your skin burns, tans or not, the sunscreen will help. Use a lot of it while travelling outside.


3. Dress Wisely: Light colored clothes keep the heat away & loose fitting help air circulate. Porous cotton cloths keep body cool. A hat will help avoid the sun-stroke.


4. Eat light Food & Remain Healthy:
Consume more vegetables, fruits, salads & avoid meat or food which is high on protein.


5. Let your feet be comfortable: Wear flip-flops & open sandals and let the air pass through. This ensures that your feet are comfortable at all times.


6. Go to Places Cool: Cool hill stations are the places to be. Don’t go to desert or you’ll burn out. There are many hill-stations just chose one & takes Myles Car form any of the 250+ locations & 21 cities. These self-driving cars allow you virtually take the ownership of the car without owning them. Your trip becomes more enjoyable with cars from Myles.

7. A Bit of Planning Helps: Move out early & avoid direct sunlight as they may cause sun strokes. Return early & have a nice nap in the afternoon.


8. Sunglasses are Mandatory: If you have low tolerance to sunlight you can get terrible headaches in summers, with good quality sunglasses you can keep cool.


9. Don’t suppress your feelings: Dizziness should be avoided immediately. Visit the doctor when the situation is out of control. Drink water & be hydrated!

10. Deodorants Ward-off Bad Smell: Feel fresh with deodorants & deo-sticks. They make people around you more welcoming.

Myles Tips for Journey Full of Fun:

  • Choose the Car Model which you are comfortable driving. We have 38+ car models available with us.
  • Start early. We have fleet in some 21+ cities so you can get the desired car from the city you are in or neighborhood city.
  • We have more than 250+ pick-up locations. Just visit with the required documents & travel away with the desired car.

Myles self-drive car service is truly world class. Just go ahead drive to the journey of your dreams!



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