Go on a Dream Ride With Myles Self Driven Car!

We are Myles. We are the India’s first self-driven car company. No matter whether you are going for a vacation trip or you are planning a business trip you are always in control with Myles self-drive cars.

With Myles, You Drive a Car which is best!

We understand the travel demands of itineraries better than you. We have more than 38 models of cars available for you.

Long trips often demand robust vehicles that can run well on the highways without breaking down. SUVs are the preferred choice for such trips. Our latest models are awaiting you.

On short trips, you may prefer vehicles which bring more comfort. Myles has experienced professionals to help you find the most suitable cars for your next trip.

If you have any specific requirements of a car for you next self-drive trip, we can meet it as well. We have many vehicles for the city travel.

We Care For Your Safety!

All Myles cars are regularly serviced. We have dedicated service centers which take care of our cars regularly. This ensures that when you are driving any of our self-drive cars it is in the best condition to drive around safely.

All our vehicles have a proper safety mechanism in place which ensures that you have first aid in place in case of any incidence.


How to Pick-Up A Myles Car?

We have our fleet present in more than 21 cities across the country. You can hire car/pick up one from more than 250+ locations.  This means you can get one from your neighborhood city or a play nearby.

What are the rules to get one?

Everyone who is 23yrs and above has a valid driving license, id-proof & a credit card would be required. Please carry the originals and your credit card must have sufficient balance for standing instructions. You may have to submit a copy of each as well.  You will have to submit a short agreement as well before becoming up the car.

Finally how much do I have to shell out for getting one Myles Car?

Our self-drive car rentals are usually soft on the pocket. Our cars are available on a daily basis so you drive away with these self-drive cars without much hassle.

We cordially invite you to visit our website www.mylescars.com for complete details & give us an opportunity to serve you.


Take Control of Your Trip, Get A Self Driven Car!

Are you looking for a car on hire? Go with Myles!

A Car Model for Every Need:

We have many models of cars available with us. In fact, you can choose over 38 models depending on the nature of your trip. Hire a car was never so easy. Read On!

Long trips demand robust vehicles. There are many SUVs available with us you can choose the diesel ones or other ones which you like the most. For holidays & vacation trips you may consider more comfortable vehicles, we have many sedans which you can opt from. Just cruise on the highways & enjoy your trip to the fullest. For trips within city, we have many small car models for to take you around the city quickly.


Servicing & Safety:

Well, no matter how good a car if it is not kept fit it won’t give a dream ride. We have dedicated servicing stations to keep all our vehicles in the best conditions so that you get the most comfortable ride. We have the best safety mechanism available to make sure that you’ll get the most secure ride.

Find a Myles Car In The Neighborhood:

We are present in more than 21-cities so you can find one in your neighborhood. This shows our dedication to the customers.

Many locations to pick the one from:

Our car rental services are available in many locations. You can drive a Myles car from 250+ locations. This shows how seriously we take our business. Our customer orientations & quality of services is reflected by this fact.

So How Do You Get The Desired Myles Car?

If you are above 23 years of age & have a credit card, driving license, valid id proof you can drive away with desired Myles Car.  We do require security deposits & a small agreement to be signed as well. We provide budget car rental keeping your pocket in mind.

There are many policies, rules & regulation which need to be followed. For further details kindly get visit our website www.mylescars.com for complete details & give us an opportunity to make your trip a memorable one.

Top 10 Travel Hacks For This Summer Vacations!

Are you planning to go out this summer with family? Great Idea! We at Myles Cars can help you make your trip even more memorable. Myles is India’s first self-drive service. With cars from Myles your ride becomes even more enjoyable. The kind of freedom you get with Myles Cars can’t be found anywhere. You virtually own the car without worrying about its true ownership.

With Myles you are in control. You can choose from 38+ car models. There are some 250+ pick-up locations. The fleet is spread across 21-cities so you can find one in every metro and every other city.

Some tips to make you journey wonderful are:

1- Pack your shoes in a shower cap: While packing your suitcase, use this tip. This helps in prevent the soles from touching the clean clothes.


2- Validate Your Cards: It is important to check the validity Call your credit or debit Card Company before traveling internationally so that you’re authorized for vacation Purchases.


3- Carry Empty Water Bottles: Bring an empty water bottle to the airport and refill it after you pass security.


4. Use a Dryer Sheet in the Suitcase:  When you use a dryer sheet in the suitcase your clothes remain smelling fresh.


5. Roll Your Clothes: When you pack your clothes in suit case. Roll them to save space and avoid wrinkles.


6. A shower caddy helps:  Once you have a shower caddy from the super-store you can use it for easily organizing the eating stuffing.


7. Block the Sun: Use a sunscreens, hats & head-clothes to block the content from directly hitting your head & other body parts.


8. Prioritize Your Interests: Use your time wisely. Set your priorities according to the locations where you want to go. This ways you’ll be able to prioritize your interests.


9. Take Right Meals: Eat light is the mantra for success. Any heavy meal which has excess oil can be damaging for the health. Taking right meals ensures that you are healthy throughout the vacation.


10. Proper Clothing for a Better Trip: On any summer trip what you need are slip-on sneakers, joggers, comfy cotton tees, a hoodie, etc. They make your trip comfortable and getting through security easy.


8 Reasons Why Mussoorie should be Your Next Escapade This Summer!

Mussoorie is a hill station known for its fairyland atmosphere. The snow-covered Himalayan peaks, the Doon Valley, waterfalls, and the mountain climate of Mussoorie attract many especially in the summer.

The ‘Queen of the Hills’ Mussoorie is where you can see the beaten track.  Here the nature’s prowess blends with eventful history, cultural treasures, and well-preserved heritage.  Here you can find probably the oldest Christian church in the Himalayas. The first Tibetan temple built in India can be found here.

Here we are the eight reasons to visit Mussoorie to escape the biting heat this summer:

1.Take A Bath in the Waterfalls:


Waterfalls in Mussoorie are most famous for their natural beauty. Hear the music of the sound of crystal clear water plashing into rocks. The sight of cascade is also very amazing. Kempty Falls in Dhanaulti is a big attraction In Jharipani Falls; you can get an expansive view of the Shivalik range.

2 .Adventure: Go climbing & Hiking


You can choose to take a ride on the cable cars and see the greenery of Himalayas. The Gun Hill, situated 122-m above the Mall offers some of the most amazing ropeway ride to the Gun Hill. For hikers Mussoorie has some best tracks e.g. Pari Tibba, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bhadraj Forest etc.

3. Leisurely Walks: Take a peaceful walk through the greeneries:


You can enjoy a leisurely walk while breathing the fresh mountain air. Mussoorie is a walker’s paradise. All the travelers can take a short walk from Cloud’s End and take them to 19th-century Everest House.

Christ Church which is built in 1836 is one of the historic attractions. Its architecture represents the life of Jesus Christ fascinating to the hilt.

4. Shopping: Shop around Famous Places of Mussoorie


Mussoorie has a lot to offer to shopping enthusiasts. From brass statues to oak-wood items and from antiques to exquisitely designed ceramic items, variety and exclusivity mark your shopping experience whether you are at the Mall Road, Tibetan Market or Landour Market.

5. Dining and Wining: A place for connoisseurs


You can explore, eat, drink, and be merry. You can have Banana Nutrella pancakes and cinnamon waffles. Tavern and Nostradamus Writers Bar are some of the reputed English pubs. Just go ahead explore, eat, drink, and be merry in Mussoorie!

Some specific places to visit are:

6.A day trip to Dhanaulti and Kempty Falls:


Plan a day trip to Dhanaulti and Kempty Falls, two of the most famous places to visit around Mussoorie. Dhanaulti is an excellent place to spend a day wandering amidst the deodars and Kempty Falls, though a bit crowded now, is still a beautiful spot in the area.

7. View from Dhanault: Get a glimpse of this marvelous city from a height & feel the adrenalin rushing.


8. Char Dukan:

A lovely steep walk or drive up from the bazaar brings you to Landour’s Char Dukaan. Here you can feast on Paranthas, Masala Maggi and pancakes with maple syrup.


Your ride is full of fun with Myles: We make your trip enjoyable. You have the complete ownership of the journey & you enjoy the ride smoothly with cars from Myles.

Myles is India’s first self-drive service. With Myles Cars you have the freedom you wanted. You virtually own the car without worrying about its true ownership.


Just go ahead and choose from 38+ car models. There are some 250+ pick-up locations. The fleet is spread across 21-cities so you can find one in every metro and every other city.

10 Cool Tips to Chill out this Summer while Traveling!

In May summer is at its peak. Families are on prowl to find cool havens to chill out. Indian summer sees mercury level reaching new heights. In fact, they bring the right opportunity to travel & cool one’s nerves. Try some of these tips from experienced travelers:

1. Keep Hydration Level High: This means drink more water. And what to avoid? As soda, alcoholic beverages & caffeine products cause dehydration, so avoid them!


2. Sunscreen is A Savior:
It hardly matters whether your skin burns, tans or not, the sunscreen will help. Use a lot of it while travelling outside.


3. Dress Wisely: Light colored clothes keep the heat away & loose fitting help air circulate. Porous cotton cloths keep body cool. A hat will help avoid the sun-stroke.


4. Eat light Food & Remain Healthy:
Consume more vegetables, fruits, salads & avoid meat or food which is high on protein.


5. Let your feet be comfortable: Wear flip-flops & open sandals and let the air pass through. This ensures that your feet are comfortable at all times.


6. Go to Places Cool: Cool hill stations are the places to be. Don’t go to desert or you’ll burn out. There are many hill-stations just chose one & takes Myles Car form any of the 250+ locations & 21 cities. These self-driving cars allow you virtually take the ownership of the car without owning them. Your trip becomes more enjoyable with cars from Myles.

7. A Bit of Planning Helps: Move out early & avoid direct sunlight as they may cause sun strokes. Return early & have a nice nap in the afternoon.


8. Sunglasses are Mandatory: If you have low tolerance to sunlight you can get terrible headaches in summers, with good quality sunglasses you can keep cool.


9. Don’t suppress your feelings: Dizziness should be avoided immediately. Visit the doctor when the situation is out of control. Drink water & be hydrated!

10. Deodorants Ward-off Bad Smell: Feel fresh with deodorants & deo-sticks. They make people around you more welcoming.

Myles Tips for Journey Full of Fun:

  • Choose the Car Model which you are comfortable driving. We have 38+ car models available with us.
  • Start early. We have fleet in some 21+ cities so you can get the desired car from the city you are in or neighborhood city.
  • We have more than 250+ pick-up locations. Just visit with the required documents & travel away with the desired car.

Myles self-drive car service is truly world class. Just go ahead drive to the journey of your dreams!


Beat Delhi Heat- Chill Out In Nainital

Summers in Delhi:

The summers in Delhi are really hot. The temperature level rises to 47°C-degrees centigrade and in the summers the temperature varies from 25°C to 47°C.  With temperatures reaching so high it is easy to imagine how unbearable the summers can be. The months from May to July are very hot & summers extend to August.

One can experience hot and humid temperature and even hot waves usually called as Loo. While everything is bad about the summers, but it also offers a great opportunity for people go out to hilly places and chill out.


Self-Drive To Nainital:


The hill-city is at an altitude of 1,938mts above sea level. It derives its name from Naini Lake, which is a prominent tourist spot of Nainital. It is located in the Kumaon region and is also called as Lake District of India.

It is one the most famous tourist destination which attracts hundreds of both domestic and foreign tourists every year. It shines as glittering jewel in the Himalayan Mountains and has many lakes and is replete with nature’s bounty.

The other important places to visit here are Haldwani, Kaladhungi,Ramnagar, Bhowali, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchital.

 Place To Go:

With just 300kms from the Delhi, there are many places where you can go along with your family to escape Delhi summers.

You can consider boating in Naini Lake drive to eco cave garden. You can visit high altitude zoo, drive to Muktheswar temple.


Few other places where you can consider going are Kainchi Dham, Tiffin Top, Snow View Point, Naina Peak, Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, Khurpa Taal, Tibetan Market, Land’s End etc.

Thanks to Myles Cars for Great Services:

Myles is India’s first self-drive service. With cars from Myles your ride becomes even more enjoyable. With Myles Cars you have the freedom you wanted. You virtually own the car without worrying about its true ownership.


With Myles you are in control. You can choose from 38+ car models. There are some 250+ pick-up locations. The fleet is spread across 21-cities so you can find one in every metro and every other city.

How To Really Upgrade Your Next Car Rental

If you are used to booking a car rental with a particular company, then you would have definitely earned several points which can help make your next trip a lot cheaper than what you are used to paying. Most of the additional bonus points which can provide an immediate upgrade go unnoticed, but if you play a bit smart and use these points to your advantage, you can easily get an upgrade that can amplify your next road trip!

Ways in Which You Can Upgrade Your Next Car Rental:

  • Get the Plastic Bonus Card:

Almost every car rental company gives out a bonus card to their customers, and the standard ones are mostly free. However, the more premium cars like Platinum or Gold is for the more privileged ones and be a costly investment. Either you get lucky and are chosen as a random draw, or you rent several times and are eligible for any of those cards. This is the easiest way of getting an upgrade. The more points you earn on the card, the more discount you can avail on your next car rental.

  • PR Skills Help:

You may automatically assume why and how that can be important, but it is! The better your relationship with those behind the counter, the higher are your chances of getting the extra frills without any extra charges. The relationship between a customer and a client is always a 2-way street and becomes a win-win situation for both if it is based on mutual respect. The car rental company would not want you to go to another car hire and therefore giving an upgrade it not a big loss for them. Therefore, it is best to be on good terms with these guys if you want frequent upgrades.

  • Book the Cheapest Car Rentals on a Regular Basis:

A company always keeps a track record of their customers and therefore they notice various trends if and when they occur. If you as a customer always books cheap car rentals, then the car hire company would take notice, and probe you to get an upgrade. This may entail a negligible cost, but if they do make the offer, you can always negotiate and ask for an upgrade deal that best suits your requirement, and your pocket!