Self Drive To These Top Summer Destinations in India

The blazing heat of Indian summers makes everyone get a relief and take a route that leads to the country’s top hill stations which are blessed with a yearlong pleasant climate. Such a blissful escape offers undeniable pleasures and gains you a necessary respite from the harsh temperatures in the plains. With the easy facility of self drive car booking, having your own vehicle for any destination is no challenge and you get to choose the favorite choice from a fleet of luxurious cars and get set go for the adventure!

We have created a list of the must visit destinations that will be a blessing in summer as this year, we are expecting a pretty harsh time in the most dreaded months. The list follows:


Few places mesmerize you as much as Ladakh does. This heavenly abode of astonishing landscapes offers sights that one can only dream about. With magnificent mountains, pearlish water bodies, breath-taking views and serene sights, the place is bound to leave you awe-inspired and with a chilly temperature all year round, is an undeniable pleasure awaiting for your planned summer trip.



A crown jewel in the mesmerizing landscapes of Uttarakhand is Nainital. The heavenly place is a perfect destination for a chilly summer adventure and will be a suffice relief from the dreadful hot temperatures in cities. The hill-station is a mystic destination for all those who desire an escape from the pricking heat in summer and get a dose of relief and rejuvenation with loads of clean air and calmness on offer.



Known for its beautiful monasteries and being a renowned religious destination, this hill-station in Arunachal Pradesh is nothing short of fantastic. With iconic mountain peaks and stunning greenery, Tawang is a place that beckons you to visit and realize the true meaning of joy and freedom. An abode of spirituality, the place offers a visitor the best experience and makes every trip a memorable one.



Widely regarded as one of the best summer destinations in India during summers, Coonoor offers delightful experience during warm climate with a relatively cooler temperature and a respite from the hustles of daily life. With splendid waterfalls, adventure destinations, green landscapes and lofty peaks, Coonoor will make a perfect holiday destination during summer and will earn you a necessary respite from the harsh climates.



Situated in the Sutlej valley, Sarahan is a destination that delights with its serene natural views and breathtaking orchids, forests and small streams. The place is world renowned as the major tourist destination and with pretty cool temperatures during summer times, is a favorite choice for those who wish to get a respite from the summer heat.


Myles with its self drive car hire service is a perfect partner for a trip to the above mentioned destinations and will serve a joyful experience with a fleet of top class vehicles fully loaded to be the best getaway tools this summer.


Adventure Destinations and Youthful Opportunities in India

The country of diversity, India offers unlimited opportunities of adventure. Known as the “Land of mystery and diversity”, there is more to India than just colours and festivals. The vast resources of must-see destinations pave way for an exhilarating adventure and grant an insight into the naked soul of the planet. In an attempt to dig deep into the adrenaline fuelled activities on offer, the following extracts are an abundant catalogue of youthful activities on offer:


They say travel is the best education. Embark on the journey of a lifetime and take on the 400 km road trip which offers breathtaking visuals on the way.

A road trip to Ladakh is the stuff of dreams. Driving on the National Highway 1D with the provision of car rental will make the trip worthy to remember. Just let yourself free on the roads as around every corner lay a mystery. Driving along the road reveals nature in its purest form.


The majestic and vastly diverse landscapes, mind numbing tarmac and the towering miles of the sumptuous mountains will be the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable road trip.


There is no better place for glacier hiking than Uttarakhand. The constantly moving ice surface makes the hike up Gomukh Gangotri Glacier an epic adventure. The majestic height of the glacier will dwarf every being and leave one breathless.

Exploring the towers of ice and tackling the challenging terrain will be the perfect dose of an adrenaline filled adventure. Gear up for an epic adventure and face the treacherous terrain.


Avail the services of car on rent in Delhi and drive the 350 km exhilarating distance to Uttarakhand and rejuvenate yourself with the inspiring sights of the source of river Ganges.


Snowmobiling on the frozen flats of Gulmarg will feed your adrenaline demands to the full. Gulmarg offers snowmobiling opportunities on endless lands. The perfect harmony of the man and machine will let you explore the untouched dimensions of adventure and let you attain nirvana.


The roads to Gulmarg are an array of nature’s best offerings and make one feel like being in heaven. Drive to the destination and warm up to let yourself have a dose of real adventure.


Challenge the rapids of River Ganges which is the most popular rafting destination in India. Face the treacherous waters with full confidence and extract the best from you. Water Rafting in Rishikesh is the perfect way to make yourself feel alive and give your senses a slap of action.


Any plans of driving to Rishikesh will yield a highly adventurous time and give you extreme satisfaction from the endeavour.


As inspiring Goa is above surface, it is wonderful below as well. Get immersed in the diving adventures of Goan waters which are a quintessential diving destination. Deep water exploration in Grande Island, Bounty Bay and Uma Gum Reef offers the perfect opportunity of high adventure and provides a person with memories to delight for a lifetime.


Why should one stay put to conventions and schedules that bind us from all the adventures the place has to offer? Myles offers the facility to rent a car Delhi and an opportunity to drive to any of the above destinations and satisfy your deep cravings for adrenaline!

Rules for Being a Better Driver

There are drivers and then there are good drivers. Practice sure makes everyone perfect but it is your attitude while driving that makes all the difference. If one is even minutely cautious and respects the limits of road driving then it won’t be hard to avoid troubles. But when you rush for things, it leaves you exposed to all sorts of adversaries and possibilities. Thus in a nut shell, being cool is the key to being a better driver and a better driver is always a safe driver.

There are a million ways to crash on the road. People seem to be looking for trouble and the chaos sure takes a toll on most. One has to prevent himself being hit by other cars. Having this mentality will sure save you from all sorts of trouble on the road. The service for self drive rental gets you the access to the vehicle of your choice and a chance to better your skills with experience.

self drive rental

Apart from this there are certain rules that guarantee you increased abilities as a driver. We have shared them below:

  • A good driver always respects speed limits. They are not tempted by the thrill of fast driving on public roads. Fast driving doesn’t just put you at risk but also the occupants and pedestrians on the road. We all have an urge for fast driving but it is well advised not to be carried away with the thought. If you have control over speed, it is half the job done.
  • Always stay alert on the road as you need to be focused on the drive. They say a driver should have six senses. While on the road it is necessary to think quickly as your reactions matter a lot.
  • Refrain from driving whenever you feel tired. A driver needs to be well awake and fresh because driving requires full concentration. Take regular breaks during long drives.
  • Always use the turn signals and that too at the right time. Showing signals before turning or lane changing is a must to avoid any confusion and it gives other drivers the chance of reacting properly.
  • Making all the adjustments of mirror, seats and controls before driving saves you from the risk. Never get distracted during the drive and if you wish to make any adjustments, it is advised you pull over at a safe spot.
  • Mastering the art of reversing and parking will save you from getting stuck in tight spots and also helps you pull out like a boss.

car for self drive

The services of car for self drive get you the vehicle of choice anytime and anyplace thus improving your skills as a driver. Myles gets you the delights of a self driving car without any hassles. Drive safely with this guidance to become a perfect driver.

Roads to Remember: The Drive to Lonavala

The pure sense of driving is not to go from point A to point B. It’s all about what happens in between. There is a difference between a commute and a drive and any person with a little bit of passion in him will state that the former is boring and the latter is an adventure. Driving is an expression. It’s a getaway. It’s about seeing the unexplored and embracing the unknown. There is joy in curiosity and a strange sense of pleasure comes with the same.

There should not be a reason to drive. It never has demanded any. The feeling of setting out on an adventurous trip, solo or with the squad should be enough to kindle a satisfaction and a sense of achievement will surely follow. Now what is required is to have a road that will set you for a breathtaking adventure. Luckily, we know just the right one that will fuel your passion and give you the perfect reason to escape from the daily hassles of life.

The city of Pune has the perfect stretch of road that will set the juices of adventure flowing in you.

Sounds exciting already. Doesn’t it?

We know a road that will pave way for an unforgettable drive and the destination of choice is in itself a place of wonder. Yes, we are talking about the “Drive to Lonavala.” Being one of the most famous hill stations in Pune, Lonavala has the perfect set of ingredient locations to create the perfect supper of adventure.


“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind”

Everyone deserves a break and an escape from the boredom of the daily hectic life. Just imagine yourself driving on a pristine piece of tarmac with the favorite collection of songs playing and you whistling to the tune of those. It’s hard to resist the temptation. The 70 km drive to Lonavala from Pune will take you along the famous Mumbai-Pune expressway. Set the occasion and book a car for self drive for the drive of a lifetime. Choose one from countless vehicles we offer and create memories for yourself to cherish.

Talking about the destination, Lavasa has countless places of interest and to mention a few we have,

  • Lonavala lake
  • Rajmachi point
  • Valvan dam
  • Karla caves
  • Lohagad fort
  • Bhushi dam

The drive should last an hour and the experience would be timeless. Have a budget car rental and set out for a blissful drive. There is a need to state that, “Driving is life. Everything that happens before or after is just… waiting.”

family car trip

Set Out To Enjoy This Festive Season with Our Best Car Rental Services

There are a lot of things that we miss out on owing to our busy schedules and lives. But there are certain things one will not want to miss. These things that I am talking about are the essence of who we are. Celebrating things is one of the most crucial ingredients of a happy and a balanced life. It offers escape from our daily mundane and repetitive errands we call life.

Amidst these responsibilities, there come these occasions when we can truly be ourselves, when we can live up to the reasons we were meant to. Now the question is, why do we refrain from letting ourselves dwell in such places where we can be what we want be and not what we need to be? Its not because we can’t. It’s because we find it too good to be true. Now where some of us might find these things hard to acquire, and that, precisely is the reason why they won’t have the taste of it. Well, we might have a perfect solution for you, travel. You will make new friends, learn from your experiences, and find solitude, nature and all that is good and pure.

And therefore we bring to you our services to enjoy one of these occasions to the fullest. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Car on hire in Mumbai – The best car rental services with the nominal rates and simplistic front end to ensure your ease of operation.
  • Rental services for booking your self drive rental cars online. Drive through the dussehra with your friends and family and make it the most memorable one.
  • Ease of access. Our online booking system is oriented fully to ensure that you get to where you want to with minimal hassle and one thing less to care about.

We will help you plan a dussehra you will always remember. With our car rental services in Mumbai, you will never have to worry about not getting a cab because it is a festive season. Set out with your friends and family to live these moments to the fullest.


We care for your convenience, experience and the memories you thus make. And this is exactly what this is all about it, isn’t it? Making memories. Having a budget rental service is a way of ensuring that you can frequent to your destinations without having to worry about it digging a hole in your pocket.

And what better time to celebrate your life than at this festive season? Enjoy dussehra with friends and family and make this Dushehra a memorable one. Get on with our cab services and go anywhere, anytime with just one thought in mind which is not the tension of finding a cab in the busy streets of this metro.


We would love to hear from you. Any suggestions or compliments, just mail us on our website and we will get back to you. For more information, visit our website mylescars. Enjoy the little things and make this dussehra the one you will remember in the times to come.

5 points to keep in mind before renting a car!

Renting car has always been important and necessary because of a lot of reasons. From planning urgent trips to going on long drives, this seems to be an extremely useful option one that we need very often. Renting companies weren’t very popular earlier but these days they have found a niche and are extremely reliable and quick to avail services of. We mention a few important things to keep in mind while you rent a car, and the next time you do it, to be on the safer side and not let others take advantage of you.

man offering a car key to the observer

  • A bit about the company
    • The rental companies usually have a website, so do visit it and check out the details about it, customer reviews, pricing criteria, etc. we mention these hereunder.
  • Cars
    • the choice of cars matters and the company should have a significantly huge variety of cars belonging to different companies. Select the one that would be ideal for your need, so choose a compact one over a luxury SUV if you don’t need it.
  • Insurance
    • You ought to make sure that the rent cars that are available are insured and under proper servicing. \if not, this can cause troubles when on read and if interrogated by pollice officers or other situations alike. \moreover, make sure that the vehicle is even protected under breakdown and accident insurance. So keep insurance and this parameter a a high priority.
  • Fuel
    • Make sure that you check the fuel tank before you take the car for a rude. Some cars have fuel filled to the very top and others partially so try to return the car with the same amount of fuel that you got it for, so as to not let the company make you pay extra just for that.
  • Liability
    • It is of extreme importance to check who will be liable in case some mishap happens to the car while you are using it. If you are being held liable under any and every circumstance possible, then it is advisable to search for a different company which would at least not burden you to the core just with constraints and restrictions. Do read the terms and conditions carefully.

Once you keep these points in mind you will be good to go! Moreover, if you are looking for a great car rental company that is closer to you than you can imagine, do check out, a great online portal to help you rent a car in India! Best variety and options available to take you self driving experience to the next level, with mylescars! With clear instruction , simple steps to follow anda  clean beautiful interface, we make your entire experience easy and you get the best cars that you can possibly want. So what are you waiting for, come and explore and enjoy. Happy journey!


Myles Self Drive Car Rental Service Introduces a New Speed-Violation Policy

‘High Speed’, the word alone is enough to get your adrenaline pumping. The thrill you derive from going at high speeds is unparalleled, whether you’re in a car or on the rollercoaster. However, there might be times when you don’t have a car of your own nor is there a rollercoaster nearby.

Imagine having the privacy and freedom of your car, all the while being affordable and versatile. And that’s just what self drive cars offer to their users.

Setting an example for the industry is Myles’ car rental service who heard its users and put its feet to the pedal. We revised the maximum speed limit from 100 km/hr to 120 km/hr, for all our car rentals, to make sure your journey is as smooth as the highway you’re on.

Myles is India’s first, and leading, self drive service. We provide our car rental services in 250 locations across 21 cities. With the option to choose from over 40 car models, we ensure that you drive the car of your choice without hurting your wallet.

We changed our speed limit policy to make your drive more convenient and comfortable but your well-being is always our primary concern.
Hence, in our efforts to ensure a safer journey for you, we have revised our speed limit violation charges. The new overspeeding charges shall be applicable starting 12th May, 2017 and are as follows –

  1. A penalty of ₹750 for the first violation.
  2. A penalty of ₹1,000 on the second violation. The total penalty for 2 violations will be ₹1,750.
  3. A penalty of ₹1,500 on the third violation taking the total penalty for 3 instances to ₹3,250.
  4. The fourth instance shall be treated as violation of terms and conditions of the agreement following which the rental agreement shall be treated as void. Any usage of the vehicle in such a case shall be treated as unauthorized usage and Carzonrent reserves the right to recover the vehicle.