Set Out To Enjoy This Festive Season with Our Best Car Rental Services

There are a lot of things that we miss out on owing to our busy schedules and lives. But there are certain things one will not want to miss. These things that I am talking about are the essence of who we are. Celebrating things is one of the most crucial ingredients of a happy and a balanced life. It offers escape from our daily mundane and repetitive errands we call life.

Amidst these responsibilities, there come these occasions when we can truly be ourselves, when we can live up to the reasons we were meant to. Now the question is, why do we refrain from letting ourselves dwell in such places where we can be what we want be and not what we need to be? Its not because we can’t. It’s because we find it too good to be true. Now where some of us might find these things hard to acquire, and that, precisely is the reason why they won’t have the taste of it. Well, we might have a perfect solution for you, travel. You will make new friends, learn from your experiences, and find solitude, nature and all that is good and pure.

And therefore we bring to you our services to enjoy one of these occasions to the fullest. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Car on hire in Mumbai – The best car rental services with the nominal rates and simplistic front end to ensure your ease of operation.
  • Rental services for booking your self drive rental cars online. Drive through the dussehra with your friends and family and make it the most memorable one.
  • Ease of access. Our online booking system is oriented fully to ensure that you get to where you want to with minimal hassle and one thing less to care about.

We will help you plan a dussehra you will always remember. With our car rental services in Mumbai, you will never have to worry about not getting a cab because it is a festive season. Set out with your friends and family to live these moments to the fullest.


We care for your convenience, experience and the memories you thus make. And this is exactly what this is all about it, isn’t it? Making memories. Having a budget rental service is a way of ensuring that you can frequent to your destinations without having to worry about it digging a hole in your pocket.

And what better time to celebrate your life than at this festive season? Enjoy dussehra with friends and family and make this Dushehra a memorable one. Get on with our cab services and go anywhere, anytime with just one thought in mind which is not the tension of finding a cab in the busy streets of this metro.


We would love to hear from you. Any suggestions or compliments, just mail us on our website and we will get back to you. For more information, visit our website mylescars. Enjoy the little things and make this dussehra the one you will remember in the times to come.


5 points to keep in mind before renting a car!

Renting car has always been important and necessary because of a lot of reasons. From planning urgent trips to going on long drives, this seems to be an extremely useful option one that we need very often. Renting companies weren’t very popular earlier but these days they have found a niche and are extremely reliable and quick to avail services of. We mention a few important things to keep in mind while you rent a car, and the next time you do it, to be on the safer side and not let others take advantage of you.

man offering a car key to the observer

  • A bit about the company
    • The rental companies usually have a website, so do visit it and check out the details about it, customer reviews, pricing criteria, etc. we mention these hereunder.
  • Cars
    • the choice of cars matters and the company should have a significantly huge variety of cars belonging to different companies. Select the one that would be ideal for your need, so choose a compact one over a luxury SUV if you don’t need it.
  • Insurance
    • You ought to make sure that the rent cars that are available are insured and under proper servicing. \if not, this can cause troubles when on read and if interrogated by pollice officers or other situations alike. \moreover, make sure that the vehicle is even protected under breakdown and accident insurance. So keep insurance and this parameter a a high priority.
  • Fuel
    • Make sure that you check the fuel tank before you take the car for a rude. Some cars have fuel filled to the very top and others partially so try to return the car with the same amount of fuel that you got it for, so as to not let the company make you pay extra just for that.
  • Liability
    • It is of extreme importance to check who will be liable in case some mishap happens to the car while you are using it. If you are being held liable under any and every circumstance possible, then it is advisable to search for a different company which would at least not burden you to the core just with constraints and restrictions. Do read the terms and conditions carefully.

Once you keep these points in mind you will be good to go! Moreover, if you are looking for a great car rental company that is closer to you than you can imagine, do check out, a great online portal to help you rent a car in India! Best variety and options available to take you self driving experience to the next level, with mylescars! With clear instruction , simple steps to follow anda  clean beautiful interface, we make your entire experience easy and you get the best cars that you can possibly want. So what are you waiting for, come and explore and enjoy. Happy journey!


Myles Self Drive Car Rental Service Introduces a New Speed-Violation Policy

‘High Speed’, the word alone is enough to get your adrenaline pumping. The thrill you derive from going at high speeds is unparalleled, whether you’re in a car or on the rollercoaster. However, there might be times when you don’t have a car of your own nor is there a rollercoaster nearby.

Imagine having the privacy and freedom of your car, all the while being affordable and versatile. And that’s just what self drive cars offer to their users.

Setting an example for the industry is Myles’ car rental service who heard its users and put its feet to the pedal. We revised the maximum speed limit from 100 km/hr to 120 km/hr, for all our car rentals, to make sure your journey is as smooth as the highway you’re on.

Myles is India’s first, and leading, self drive service. We provide our car rental services in 250 locations across 21 cities. With the option to choose from over 40 car models, we ensure that you drive the car of your choice without hurting your wallet.

We changed our speed limit policy to make your drive more convenient and comfortable but your well-being is always our primary concern.
Hence, in our efforts to ensure a safer journey for you, we have revised our speed limit violation charges. The new overspeeding charges shall be applicable starting 12th May, 2017 and are as follows –

  1. A penalty of ₹750 for the first violation.
  2. A penalty of ₹1,000 on the second violation. The total penalty for 2 violations will be ₹1,750.
  3. A penalty of ₹1,500 on the third violation taking the total penalty for 3 instances to ₹3,250.
  4. The fourth instance shall be treated as violation of terms and conditions of the agreement following which the rental agreement shall be treated as void. Any usage of the vehicle in such a case shall be treated as unauthorized usage and Carzonrent reserves the right to recover the vehicle.



The Perfect App for Your Corporate Car Hire

Are you tired of unprofessional chauffeurs, untimely, error filled billing and overcharging payments? If you are one of those who tackle their office work even while zipping across the city, here is the perfect app for your corporate car hire. Get your first impressions right and begin every day with a hassle free morning, capitalizing on each and every second of your time with carzonrent.

Corporate Car Hire App

Carzonrent, India’s leading corporate car rentals, offers a slew of services including Outstation, Taxi, Local, Self-drive and more, coupled with experienced and professional management team and the most skilled workforce in Car Rental Industry. With technology driven and cost-efficient 360 degree mobility solutions, our executive car hire services guarantee 100% reliability and complete transparency.

Our belief in thinking beyond the ride is supported with a plethora of benefits to create the perfect ecosystem for the supplier and consumer. Here are a few benefits that our car rental agency offers through caronrent app-

One Stop Shop – Carzonrent app lets you book cars in all categories for official and personal usage.

Real time tracking tool – Carzonrent app tracks all transactions, keeping NCC aware of the location always, to ensure safety and security of passengers.

Notifications – Get notified about crucial moments, like reporting without unnecessary intervention of privacy.

Multilingual Feature – Avoid misinterpretation and experience a better delivery with our executive car hire app

Smart Billing – Carzonrent app guarantees fair and transparent invoicing based on actual usage. Paperless transaction ensures cost savings.

The corporate car hire app also takes into account the customer feedback and satisfaction rating for all rides.

Myles self drive car rental introduces Loss Damage Waiver

After a two hour delay in your flight on a crucial day of an out-station meeting, while exiting the airport rushing through the luggage carousel, the last thing you want is any more delay. While driving in an unfamiliar car and city, it is inevitable to be frustrated by rapidly moving thoughts like what would you do in case of an accident or any other unfortunate event. Surveys state that 25-30% men and 10-15% women have experienced damage to rental cars.

Loss Damage Waiver

Well, we’ve got your back! Myles’ Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is an add-on product available to all customers while booking the car. Myles, India’s leading car rental service with its excellent services spread across 21 cities, at 250 plus locations. With Myles’ 40+ models, you always have a massive range of wheels to choose from, every time you book a car for self drive in addition to benefits like LDW and zero security deposit every time you book a car.

The product provides following coverage in case of an accident, in addition to no security deposit.

  • Fully waived off security deposit
  • Zero damage liability in case of accidental damage
  • Towing/Hydra crane service arrangement by Myles with charges covered under LDW
  • Coverage of Vehicle Registration Certificate at the accident spot
  • Coverage of additional third party property liability
  • Recovery of lost car accessories at the accident spot

Besides, you can choose not to pay the security deposit when you book a car, enjoying the delights of benefits like

  • No more blocked credit cards
  • No more insufficient credit limit to book a car

No more anxiety of security deposit refund

7 Segments of Cars Offered By Myles Self Drive Car Rental

Pulling out the same old car through your driveway, wishing you had a new one to flaunt each day, is that precisely how you start your day? How about, we tell you that you can finally have as many cars as your moods – spanning hatchbacks for solo drives, sedans for family picnics and luxury cars for all the days calling out for special rides. Myles lets you choose whatever suits your style, budget and need and you can self drive any car.


With its excellent service spread across 21 plus cities, at 250 different locations, Myles is India’s largest car rental service. With Myles’ 40+ models, you always have a massive range of wheels to choose from, every time you book a car for self drive.

Seven different categories that Myles Self Drive Car Rental offers are as below –

Compact SUV | Starting Price – Rs 1726/day

Renault Duster

Ford Ecosport

Nissan Terrano

Hyundai CRETA

Hyundai CRETA AT


Electric Vehicle


Hatchback | Starting Price – Rs 1278/day

Chevrolet BEAT

Hyundai i10 GRAND

Hyundai i10 GRAND AT

Maruti SWIFT


Hyundai i20

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz AT


Luxury | Starting Price – Rs 7500/day

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes E Class


MUV | Starting Price – Rs 2117/day

Toyota Innova


Sedan | Starting Price – Rs 1345/day

Toyota Etios

Maruti Dzire

Ford Aspire

Maruti Ciaz

Honda Amaze

Honda City

Honda City AT


SUV | Starting Price – Rs 1989/day

Tata Safari

Mahindra XUV

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio 4WD

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner AT

Why Today is A Good Time to Book from Myles Self Drive Car Rental?

Are you still wondering why or why shouldn’t you book a car for self drive? We are here to troubleshoot this dilemma for you. Self drive car rental services give you a host of advantages and benefits, and that is why you should ditch your cab or taxi ride and book a car for self drive instead. Privacy, safety, freedom, affordability and massive variety are just some of the perks. Wish to drive a luxury car to office someday? Or tired of dealing with the hassle of a running meter and an angry driver waiting to get done with your ride? Myles is the ultimate solution to all your travel woes.

Myles, India’s first car rental service with services in 250 locations across 21 cities, offers you a wide range of 40+ models to choose from. While you get to drive a car of your choice, you also get a very affordable and convenient journey.

And, guess what! Our rides are even sweeter for the first time users. So, book a car right away to get a 50% discount if you are a first time Myles user. Use coupon code MYLES50FTUW to avail the offer. Terms and conditions as below:

Maximum Discount Upto Rs.1000

  • Booking Validity: Till 31st March 2017
  • Pick & Drop Validity: Till 31st March 2017
  • Applicable Car Models: All
  • Applicable Cities: All
  • Applicable only for Daily, Weekly & Monthly bookings
  • Offer not applicable in case the booking is cancelled
  • The discount amount for all codes is applicable on the base fare only
  • Standing instructions/ pre-authorization will be made on the credit card based on the car type at the time of pick-up or online in advance
  • Offers cannot be clubbed with any other promotion
  • Discounts can be redeemed in full & not in parts
  • Blackout dates apply

Have you booked your first car for self drive, yet?